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Importance of Calcium for Working Women

The women of today not only handle home but juggle between career, family and more. However, many remain unaware of their personal well-being and health needs.

As an adult, 2% of your weight consists of calcium. Majorly found in the skeleton and teeth, it is also stored in the blood. Other than bone health, calcium plays a significant role in the functioning of nerves and muscle tissue. As a woman, it’s especially critical for you to get enough of this mineral. Why? During your teenage years, your bones get as strong and healthy as they can be. But as you cross 30, your body may not be able to stock up calcium as effectively.

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So think of your bones as a bank account. During your early years, i.e. teenage, you make more calcium “deposits” than “withdraws”. This increases your bone strength. Between ages 25-30 your bones reach their maximum strength also known as “Peak Bone Mass”. This is usually the maximum calcium that your bones can store. In other words, you cannot increase your bone savings, but you can keep your bone bank account from getting smaller. This means it is still important to consume calcium each day, regardless of your age.

Calcium deficiency symptoms aren’t the same for everyone. Some people have no symptoms, while others may experience a variety of symptoms, such joint aches or back aches.

As far as prevention goes, it’s never too early to start. Focus on eating calcium-rich foods with plenty of bone-friendly nutrients.

Good sources of calcium include -

  • Dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese
  • Green vegetables such ragi, broccoli etc
  • Calcium-fortified products, such as soymilk and breakfast cereals
  • Calcium supplements

If you're not getting enough calcium from your regular diet, here's how you can supplement wisely:

  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist since they understand your body requirements of calcium are as follows
  • Check the amount of calcium in the supplement you choose
Group Specifications Calcium
Adult Men 600
Women 600
Pregnancy 1200
Post- menopausal women 800

Even with everything we know about the consequences of calcium deficiency, many women suffer from the same because of negligence / improper diet and exercise. So to ensure you are getting enough try ActivWomen Daily Calcium. ActivWomen Daily Calcium is a supplement with the unique blend of vitamins and minerals that work with your body to maintain bone health. .

It’s also a good supplement for women who are working and and suspect deficiency of calcium in their normal diets.

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