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As women, we need to replenish the bone-mineral loss that we undergo during pregnancy, lactation and menopause. That’s why calcium supplementation is important for us. But what happens if we dislike swallowing pills, chewing tablets with a chalky after-taste, or are just averse to medicinal supplements in general?

Cipla’s ActivWomen Daily Calcium now fulfils your daily calcium needs with 5 bone-strengthening nutrients - in a fruity, fizzy calcium drink!

Yes, you heard that right! Here’s what makes taking this calcium supplement so exciting!

#1: 5 Bone-Strengthening Nutrients In 1 Unique, Effervescent Tablet
The nutrients Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin C are all essential and work in tandem to boost bone health and aid in calcium absorption. Taking Calcium Is Now Exciting Blog Image 1

#2: Just Drop, Fizz & Sip!

  • Drop the tablet in half a glass of water.
  • Wait for it to fizz and dissolve completely. Stir if needed.
  • Sip and enjoy your tasty calcium drink!
No swallowing, no chewing – an easy-to-consume format you’ll love!
Taking Calcium Is Now Exciting Blog Image 3

#3: Try Orange, Lemon Or Strawberry
Forget the chalky taste, energize yourself with 3 refreshing, fruity flavours! You can start your mornings with a delicious glass of citrus fizz or enjoy it as a healthy replacement for your 4 pm drink! Taking Calcium Is Now Exciting Blog Image 4

#4: Fits In Your Handbag!
The convenient packaging is oh-so-easy to carry and you can dispense a tablet from the tube in a jiffy. Take it along wherever you go, even on vacations! The best part is that it doesn’t look or feel like a medicine. Taking Calcium Is Now Exciting Blog Image 2

#5: Sugar-free
For the ladies who are health-conscious or for those who have diabetes, this takes care of your apprehensions! Taking Calcium Is Now Exciting Blog Image 5

So there you have it - Cheers to health and taste in a glass! Make taking calcium an intrinsic part of your lifestyle to keep your bones strong and stay younger from within!
Excited? Try Daily Calcium Now