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Bone Loss
Women tend to have smaller, thinner bones than men. As women hit menopause, they experience a sharp drop in estrogen – the key hormone that protects bones. While bone loss is an inevitable part of ageing, the good news is that you can stabilise the condition and make your bones stronger with the right vitamins and minerals.  Here are the five essential nutrients for bone health.

Calcium is one of the main bone-forming minerals. It helps strengthen bones and plays a crucial role in bone health and cellular functioning. 99% of the body’s calcium reserves are contained in the skeleton. The remaining 1% of the calcium in our bodies aids ongoing cellular functions like muscle contractions, blood clotting and neurotransmitter releases. 

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Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption and deposition on bones. It aids in protein synthesis, which aids calcium absorption, which in turn helps build bone mass. The body, through the intestines, absorbs calcium, and D3 makes this happen. 

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Calcium needs Vitamin D3 to do its job, and D3 in turn needs magnesium to be properly metabolised. The proteins in Vitamin D are activated and maintained by magnesium – and when all three nutrients work in tandem, your bones stay strong and bone mineral density increases. 

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Vitamin C
Vitamin C doesn’t just keep colds at bay, it’s an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen, the foundation of bone mineralisation and better bone density. Collagen is what gives bones their firmness and structure.

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Zinc maintains your bones by helping produce the network of collagen protein threads that add to its firmness. It also helps provide the enzymes that help recycle worn-out fragments of bone protein. 

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